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I signed up as an affiliate marketer for a few companies that reflect my kind of Relentless Decorating.

What does Affiliate Marketing mean?

It means I get a small commission if you buy using my link or code at the checkout. This helps me pay for my website without pop up ads!

Signature Homestyles

I started selling Signature Homestyles, and a couple other “home party plan” products lines, the early part of 2006. I still have and use their products today. Out of all I sold, Signature Homestyles is the only company that is still in business, so I decided to sign up for their Shopify Collabs program so I could share some of their products on Rustic Country Market Living.

Signature Homestyles offers my followers $10 off a minimum $50 purchase. (Limited to one use per customer.)

Coupon Code at Checkout: RUSTICCOUNTRYMARKET

How cute is this cow?!

I will occasionally feature items on my Rustic Country Market Living facebook page. Let me know if you buy something you love!

Inspiring Home Life,

The Relentless Redecorator

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