Meal Time

Meal time traditionally equals family time. It can be a time to put down the electronics and focus on each other. Investing in each other one on one strengthens relationships.

I’ve seen several meal kit service ads and wondered if having meal ingredients delivered to my door ready to prepare for dinner would benefit our household. It sounded like a great concept for busy people that have limited time – people like us!

I asked my Facebook friends if they ever tried any of the meal kit services and if yes, what they thought of them. Most that shared their various experiences, didn’t use the meal services regularly. Many said the food took longer to prepare than what the recipe said it would take.

I compared several of the companies out there. Turns out there’s more than I saw advertisements for. There’s the you cook meals, they precooked meals, all vegan meals, or snacks only. Some offer chef creations, desserts, vegetarian, organic, gluten free, keto, paleo, sustainable, or non-GMO. Some sell market items, like wine, cooking utensils, cook books, baking pans, etc. Some started as small businesses, some are owned by big corporations, some have corporate headquarters in other countries, some have limited service areas for delivery.

I’ll be featuring the companies my husband and I have tried below…

The Relentless Redecorator

Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #1 of 3

PORK CARNITAS TACOS WITH AVOCADO & CABBAGE-RADISH SLAW Our first meal was really good!!! Cook time was within the time indicated on the recipe. All ingredients were in the box. The only pantry items we needed was olive oil, salad and pepper. The pork was pre-cooked and clean of fat. There was enough to make … Continue reading Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #1 of 3

Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #2 of 3

Chicken & cauliflower with rosemary-roasted onion and oranges We really enjoyed our second Sun Basket meal. This is the meal that Sun Basket substituted skinless chicken for skin on chicken. Worked for us, skinless has less fat and calories. It took me a little longer to prepare than indicated on the recipe. My masher didn’t … Continue reading Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #2 of 3

Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #3 of 3

Chicken Korma with Baby Spinach and Coconut Basmati Rice Wow! Talk about flavor! And our house smelled amazing after cooking this meal! Presentation wise, our meal didn’t look like the picture on the recipe, but we can definitely say we are loving Sun Basket’s meals. It’s been a long time since I’ve frequently cooked meals … Continue reading Meal Kit Experience #2 – Cooking Meal #3 of 3