Meal Kit Experience #1

My daughter sent me a coupon to try Blue Apron free for one week. Guess I’ll try them first!

I was impressed with the menu choices they offered, the fact that you could choose what day you wanted the food delivered, and skip deliveries via a convenient app or their website.

The first Blue Apron shipment of 3 meals for 2 people arrived as scheduled. I was worried about the box having to sit outside on our porch in the AZ sun until we got home. I’m happy to report the box faired well. It was well packaged and there was still ice in the box.

Our first box of meals had 2 issues: 1) It was missing one ingredient for one meal. 2) One recipe had me preheat the oven and it wasn’t needed to cook the meal.

I changed the delivery date of our second box because we were heading out of town to go camping the original delivery date. The shipment didn’t arrive on the date I needed it to arrive. It was re-scheduled to arrive on the day we were heading out of town. I called the company to share my disappointments and asked to cancel my subscription. They were very apologetic, credited me for the cost of the second box, and expressed hope I’d try them again. Thank God, the box was delivered right before we left to go camping, so it didn’t have to sit outside 3 days until our return home. (And no, there was no one we could ask to intercept the box for us.)

To be fair to Blue Apron…

We tried Blue Apron for two weeks. The meals were very good; but I can’t have food delivered when I’m out of town. The ability to reschedule failed my test. I should have skipped that week‘s shipment all together. My experience with calling their customer service was very good. Their policy requires you call to cancel, kind of a hassle, but it allowed me to expain my reasons why.

At this point, we aren’t sure we will use Blue Apron again.

Next company to try? Sun Basket