Meal Kit Experience #3 – Cooking Meals


We ordered the Green Chef Paleo Meal Plan. I figured out that Green Chef numbers and color codes it’s meals, so just needed to sort the ingrediates for each meal.

First meal we cooked was Cajun Shrimp, GC10 blue. It was easy to prepare, and tasty.  I should add that the lemon they sent was not good inside, so I reported it to Green Chef. Their customer service was very nice and credited us for the cost of the lemon to be applied to my next billing cycle. We substituted bottled lemon juice we already had at home to complete the recipe.

Our second meal, Five – Spice Chicken, was GC01 gold. We thought that the flavors blended together into one flavor.

Our third meal, Maple BBQ Meatloaf, was GC09 green. Not sure if we cooked the meatloaf too long, but it ended up dry. The recipe didn’t indicate what temperature to cook the meatloaf to. Again, the flavors blended together into one flavor.

Final Meal:

We liked the quality of Green Chef’s food, but we didn’t like their recipes. Looking forward at what was on the future menus, they appeared undesirable to us. Also, we didn’t like that we couldn’t choose which meals we wanted; we had to change to another menu. Even if we could choose individual meals, we decided to cancel our Green Chef subscription after one week.

We are still subscribed to Sun Basket. Going to move on to another secondary meal kit company.