Home Cooked Meals…

I grew up during a time when girls were taught Home Economics. I was taught how to be a stay at home mom and manage a home and family. Kind of like that movie Pleasantville. It was never my desire to be a working professional, juggling a job and family. How could I??? I wasn’t [...]

Replace or Update?

Sometimes you just gotta do what you envision you wanna do. Before... I had wanted to change the look of our old, country dining room table, chairs and hutch instead of buying new furniture. I was tired of the dated look. I envisioned that the table, chairs and hutch could use some new color. Our [...]

Design Problem Solved…

We bought a new construction house in 2016. We didn’t get to pick fixtures, colors, or other touches. We were only allowed to pick the exterior colors based on 3 choices offered by the builder, and we were able to pick the finish on the fixtures. Turns out the house had a bathroom faucet design [...]

Meal Time…

Rustic Country Market Living is focused on the home, so I couldn’t exclude home cooked meal time from my journal. We live in a busy world. Many people juggle careers and family. Meal Time can be the center of life in a home. It can be a time when family and friends engage in one [...]

Got Roses?

25th Wedding Anniversary Flowers Red roses symbolize love and they are typically given on a special occasion. I received the roses pictured above this year on my 25th Wedding Anniversary. They were pretty and they smelled wonderful. Sadly, roses don’t last forever; but what if I want to keep them for memory sake??? What do you [...]