10 Things About Coffee

Retirement is one great big giant coffee break.

–Author Unknown

  1. One espresso has 2 calories.
  2. The word ‘coffee’ is pronounced almost the same in every language around the world.
  3. After water, coffee is the second most widely-consumed beverage in the world. (Tea is a close third.)
  4. When you drink coffee, your brain shrinks a little, which is why some advise drinking coffee if you have a headache.
  5. When making an espresso, 65% of the caffeine is extracted from the beans, whereas the French-press method of making coffee extracts 98% of the caffeine.
  6. There are two hundred flavors components present in raw (green) coffee beans, but roasted beans have over two thousand present.
  7. The first steam-pressured espresso machine was invented by a Frenchman in 1901.
  8. In Italy, 80% of the coffee consumed is espresso while the other 20% are milk-based coffee drinks like cappucino. Outside of Italy, those numbers are reversed.
  9. The espresso-pod of coffee was invented in 1973 by Illy coffee.
  10. 52% of all coffee imported into Italy comes through Trieste, whose harbor is almost entirely dedicated to coffee importation.

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