Looking into the future…

Rustic Country Market is going to change in the future.

What kind of change?

We are planning to expand our registered trade name, Rustic Country Market, into a home based business. I registered and created this website in 2015, and have an organic following on FB based on the name Rustic Country Market Living.

I’ve organized and supported others’ businesses most of my life, and now I’m going to focus that experience on Rustic Country Market. Our long term goal is to start/organize a local marketplace to sell rustic country items. In the meantime, we are going to participate in newly formed, local farmer market.


For some, there’s a fear of success, because success can raise the performance bar.

(Dilbert was cancelled in 2023.)

We “retired” and relocated the end of 2020, in the midst of global chaos; and took on a fixer upper in the rural White Mountains of AZ. As our home projects slow down, we are looking forward to doing what we enjoy, instead of what we have to do. We had hoped to travel in retirement, but with the economy going as it is, we’re limiting our love for travel to our local area.

It’s not the strongest of the species which survives, nor the most intelligent which survives. It is the one which is the most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin


We believe if you attach a feeling to a belief, you will make a way for change. We love God and we love USA country living. We love small towns. We love our garden, greenhouse, canning, home cooked meals, chickens, BBQ hut, wood fired oven and pizza. We love the smell and taste of fresh roasted coffee. We love our hot tub where we can sit under a vast starlit sky (because we live where there’s no light pollution). We love making things. We love crafting. We love going to garage sales and estate sales. We love repurposing things, instead of throwing them away. We love old and new rustic stuff.

We believe our name, Rustic Country Market, fits our country lifestyle.

Humble beginnings…

We’ve been busy planning our local, Arizona, home based business future that includes:

  • Rustic Country Decor
  • Small Batch Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Mugs & Signs
  • Nest Run Eggs
  • Various Dried Hot Pepper Spices
  • Dried Lavender Bunches

There’s a lot of details to attend to when starting a business.

Time has been flying. It’s funny how day to day, nothing appears to change, yet if we look back, EVERYTHING looks different.

I’ll be sharing our new journey, as things progress, on RusticCountryMarket.com, because I love to journal, write, and create.

Inspiring Home Life,


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