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I signed up as an affiliate marketer with Signature Homestyles so I could share some of their products that reflect my kind of Relentless Redecorating.

Signature Homestyles Coupon Code

Signature Homestyles offers my followers $10 off a minimum $50 purchase. (Limited to one use per customer.)

My affiliate Coupon Code at Checkout: RUSTICCOUNTRYMARKET

Never Underestimate the Power of a Pillow Cover

Changing pillow covers is a fast, affordable way to update decor without replacing furniture. Whether you’re adding a seasonal flair to a room, or updating your current decor theme. You can put a new pillow cover over an existing pillow (as long as it doesn’t show thru) without purchasing a new pillow insert.

I have a variety of coffee “decor” in my kitchen & dining room.

I Love Baskets (always have, always will)

Basket: noun, 1. a container made of twigs, rushes, thin strips of wood, or other flexible material woven together.

Wicker, wood, fabric, seagrass, rope, rattan, wire, metal, glass, twigs, leather… as long as it stores stuff and blends in with my decor, I love it! I also love decorative boxes and trays.

Instead of leaving a bunch of stuff randomly laying around creating clutter, I use baskets. I put books, videos, and CDs in baskets (on a shelf). I put small things like remotes, chargers w/cords, and dog toys in baskets. Even my arts and crafts supplies are stored neatly in baskets.

Baskets are great for organizing miscellaneous stuff.

What does Affiliate Marketing mean?

It means I get a small commission if you buy using my link or code at the checkout. This helps me pay for my website.

Remember to use my affiliate Coupon Code at Checkout: RUSTICCOUNTRYMARKET

Let me know if you buy something you love!

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