Small Batch Coffee Roasting

Our History

In 2009 we started a micro coffee roasting company named Cold Creek Coffee Company, located in Battle Ground, WA. Our beans were used by two coffee shops and we had several repeat customers. We closed our business in 2014, when we moved to Arizona. (The move was complex enought, much less relocating a business.)

Our oldest grandson wearing our previous business .com hat.
Today he’s a teenager!

Fast Forward to 2024:

Our original company name, Cold Creek Coffee, is now used by a company in Canada and another in Ohio. Honestly, that doesn’t matter because we want to rebrand our coffee business under Rustic Country Market as we start roasting again. This time we will specialize in mobile, small batch roasted coffee beans, in addition to selling a variety of rustic decor, coffee mugs, seasonal lavender bunches, dried spice mixes and our nest run eggs.

Local Market Focus

We are going to focus our small business on our local market. At this time, we are not going to sell online. We plan to start participating in a local farmers market, and roast coffee at the market. This way, our customers are getting the freshest roasted coffee beans possible. Our local, repeat coffee customers will be able to reach out to us to order fresh roasted coffee beans outside the farmers market hours. Expanding our market will be subject to demand and profitability.

In addition to attending our local farmers market, we plan to have several Rustic Country Markets at our house. I plan to set up a photo shoot booth so customers can share pics with their friends on social media. In the future, we’d like to invite other local, complimentary product vendors to participate in our Rustic Country Market, which may involve moving to a more central location in our local community. Our Rustic Country Market would be more of an artisan market vs. farmers market.

The pictures below are a sampling of some of the “one of a kind” items we have created for props and to sell. Some are a work in process…

Handcrafted. Reuse. Repurpose. Renovate. Rustic.

Most of what we sell at our Rustic Country Market is handcrafted at our home. We limit our outsourced items to other small business owners whenever possible. We scout for things we can reuse, repurpose, renovate or recycle. I love using my Cricut to design and create rustic country decor and household items. Some of the items we create are made using some materials that were not made in the USA which is (unfortunately) inevitable in today’s world. (IE: ink, vinyl, blank stickers, blank coffee mugs, blank canisters, etc.)

Primitive Bird House

A lot of the materials we use are old. For example, the bird house pictured above. We bought the antique roof tiles on the east coast a few years ago. The wood and handle (perch) were salvaged to create this rustic bird house.

Our Home Base…

Our produce is grown in our greenhouse that Jon built mostly from repurposed materials, and our garden. We primarily use heirloom seeds to start our plants. We try to avoid the use of chemicals on our plants, sticking with organic options and composting. Our spice mixes are produced in our home kitchen (and are not subject to public health inspection under the AZ cottage food program).

Air tight packaging to keep it fresh.

Our lavender is grown in our back, which I will use to create decorative bunches to sell seasonally.

Our 2023 Lavender and backyard chicken coop.

We purchase green coffee beans from US based coffee bean importers who source from coffee bean producing countries.

All that to say, our goal is for Rustic Country Market to be as small business, locally sourced as possible.

Until next time…

Inspiring Home Life,


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