Once you have had one of our homemade marshmallows, you won’t want to buy another bag of marshmallows at the store again.

Our ingredients speak for themselves. Our base marshmallows are made with agave nectar, tapioca flour/starch, powered sugar, water, gelatin & Himalayan salt. We prefer to use non-GMO and/or organic ingredients, and always filtered water.

And yes, we are Cottage Food Program approved in Arizona.

No Preservatives Added!

We do NOT add preservatives to our marshmallows, so they have a shelf life of about one month. It’s best to eat them right away. They will melt if they get too hot!

You should store your homemade marshmallows in an airtight container (like a canning jar) in a cool, dry place, preferably dark (like a pantry).

Our Homemade Rustic Country Marshmallow Flavors:

Because we are a small business, we rotate our flavors so we can offer the freshest, homemade marshmallows possible. That means we don’t make all our flavors at once.

South Fork Vanilla:

Our original, vanilla flavored marshmallow will surprise your taste buds after roasting it, and put a smile on your face.

Honey on the Ranch:

For our honey and cinnamon flavored marshmallows we replace agave nectar in our base marshmallow recipe with honey and add cinnamon for flavor.

Sweet ‘n Hot:

Who doesn’t like the flavor of sweet ‘n hot together? We start with our original vanilla marshmallow, then add some heat to it with our homemade smoked paprika.

Mountains & Lakes:

Our coffee marshmallow starts with our base marshmallow flavored with cold brewed, mountain grown coffee, made with fresh, filtered water in place of water as an ingredient.

Salt River:

This marshmallow’s name was inspired by the color of the Salt River after heavy rains which turns the water into a milk chocolate appearance. We add cocoa to our base marshmallow recipe to create this chocolatey treat.

Country Lemonade Stand

We add lemon extract to our original vanilla marshmallow. Reminiscent of a glass of iced, lemonade on a hot summer day. (Sometimes we add a touch of fresh strawberry juice on top to give it a sweet-tart flavor.) Imagine this marshmallow roasted and smashed between 2 shortbread cookies.

Grandma’s Hot Oatmeal:

We replace agave nectar in our base marshmallow recipe with maple syrup & brown sugar for flavor, just like a bowl of Grandma’s hot oatmeal. In fact, you could put them in your oatmeal for a delicious treat!

Lavender Fields:

We add lavender to our original vanilla flavored marshmallow. This one will taste amazing plopped in your hot mocha in the morning!

Cozy Coconut Cabin:

Here’s another one that will taste good with your hot coffee. We add coconut extract to our original vanilla flavored marshmallow. This one also makes amazing s’mores!

Black River Licorice:

If you like black licorice, you may want to try this marshmallow. We add anise extract to our original vanilla flavored marshmallow to make a licorice flavored marshmallow.

Winter Homestead:

We add white chocolate and peppermint to our base marshmallow to create this traditional seasonal flavored marshmallow. Float it on your hot cocoa!

We also have (telescopic) marshmallow roasting sticks!

We aren’t just a market, we are Rustic Country Market Living.

Inspiring Home Life,