Design Problem Solved…

We bought a new construction house in 2016. We didn’t get to pick fixtures, colors, or other touches. We were only allowed to pick the exterior colors based on 3 choices offered by the builder, and we were able to pick the finish on the fixtures.

Turns out the house had a bathroom faucet design problem we didn’t notice until after we closed. The water flow ran too close to the sink rim. This made it hard to wash your hands so close to the sink bowl and if the water was running slow, it would flow onto the countertop. This was a big problem when the grandchildren came to visit, we would end up with water on the floor!

We shopped for a faucet with a longer reach, and replaced the faucet.

Problem solved!

Now the water flows into the middle of the sink bowl and doesn’t hit the countertop!

And I really like the new faucet look better than the original. Win! Win!

The Relentless Redecorator

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