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I grew up during a time when girls were taught Home Economics. I was taught how to be a stay at home mom and manage a home and family. Kind of like that movie Pleasantville. It was never my desire to be a working professional, juggling a job and family. How could I??? I wasn’t even taught how to juggle home, family with a full time job.

Change happens…

Today, we live in a double income world. Most families juggle home and work life. Single parent families typically struggle to make ends meet. While a double income household is advantageous; it also has it’s disadvantages, like less quality time at home. Grocery shopping is the last thing I want to do after working all week. As a result, we have a tendency to go out to eat too often.

Are Meal Kits Really Worth It???

The idea of having meal kits delivered to our home seemed intriguing to me, but was it really worth it? After trying a few, I’ve concluded it is! Since we started to use meal kit services, we’ve enjoyed more home cooked meals and increased our quality time at home. We’ve seen less left over food waste at our house. We cook restaurant quality food at home. Time permitting, we can prepare the meals together. We don’t have to spend time shopping for ingredients. We don’t have to buy extra ingredients that end up spoiling. I get to review the proposed meals in advance and make changes based on what we might like to eat. I can skip a delivery week, which works well if we are going to be traveling. I can even change the delivery day if needed. All we need to provide is a few pantry items (IE: salt, pepper, oil) and kitchen tools (IE: pans, utinsels).

Sun Basket…

I recently cooked Sun Basket’s Braised chicken with carrots potatoes and thyme recipe. Cook time was 20-35 minutes. I was waiting for my husband to get home from work, so I extended the cooking time by reducing the heat. I chose to add Vermouth instead of white wine or water. We really enjoyed this meal, had plenty of food to eat and there was a small amount of leftovers.

Click this link If you’d like to read more about our Sun Basket Meal Kit Experience.

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