Inspiring Home Life…

I’d like to introduce my other half to Rustic Country Market Living.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my husband, Jon. We’ve been married for 31 years. He’s supported me and I’ve supported him. Together, we make a GREAT team!

Jon in the middle of our retirement home remodel with our dogs, Chip & Joanna. (Names sound familiar?)

Jon has been a multi-talented contractor most of his life. When he wasn’t working on other people’s homes, he was working on ours. We’ve moved a lot over the years, and each house we’ve made into our home, some more than others.

Jon supported me when I first started blogging back in 1998, and when I registered my first website, in 2007. I started Rustic Country Market Living in 2017. I also have a patriotic and a travelog blog. All my sites are connected, so if you find one, you can find them all.

I’ve always been focused on the future, while Jon has been focused on the present. After I retired the end of 2020, our goals were for me to focus on Rustic Country Market Living and Jon was going to continue self employment. Instead, we’ve spent the last 3 years renovating our “retirement” house, making it into “our” home.

So here we are, in the future…

Together, we are now going to focus 100% on Rustic Country Market Living. Jon is a big part of all I do, so he will be helping add content to Rustic Country Market Living. It’s a perfect match, and I’m looking forward to growing Rustic Country Market Living with him.

Watch for Jon’s contributions about gardening, BBQ’ing, our wood fired oven, handyman tips, outdoor living, etc. His signature will be Improving Home Life, The Rustic Home Specialist.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to start selling decor items on Rustic Country Market Living, in addition to sharing organizational ideas that have made my life easier, antiques, decor tips, RV decor, etc.

If we love to do it, we might share it…

We’ve talked of starting to repurpose and sell our own creations. Did I mention I love to create stuff with my Cricut? I will share with you some of my creations, hoping to inspire you.

Thank you for following Rustic Country Market Living.

Inspiring Home Life,

The Relentless Redecorator

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