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Do you shop your own stuff?

I see potential in other people’s stuff, and (sometimes) even my own! (I’ve been known to shop my own stuff and reuse or re-purpose it.) Since we move more than average people,  our stuff doesn’t always fit in the same rooms as the previous home. I have an abundance of decor accessories that I use to make any house our home.

In our current home, I needed something in out master bathroom toilet closet to put extra rolls of toilet paper. Instead of investing in yet another decor item, I looked thru what I already have and came up with a small basket shelf I used to use in our office to store small office supplies.

Instead of just using it, I decided to add some color to it since our master bedroom and bath have a beach theme. In a short time, I converted the old shelf into something new, and saved myself the cost of a new bathroom cabinet, and it fit perfect on the short wall!

Next time you think you need something in your house, try shopping your own stuff first. Reusing your own stuff is a whole lot easier on the budget.

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