Gourmet S’mores Kits

1927 S’mores Kits have arrived at Rustic Country Market from Portland, OR. Ninteen27 S’mores, LLC was started in 2015 by our good friends’ daughter and son in law (we attended their wedding). They specialize in locally sourced (Oregon based) partnerships to create their American treats. We had the opportunity to try their s’mores during a trip to Portland, and I gotta say, they are tasty!

Opening the box…

When you open your kit, 1927’s roasting instructions are included so you can enjoy your s’mores right at home. Here in the Arizona White Mountains, we prefer to roast our s’mores over an open fire whether it’s wood or propane (as long as there’s no fire restrictions).


Last night we roasted Cocoa Raspberry S’mores over our propane fire pit in our backyard. The marshmallows are huge! We lost half of one to the fire. We recommend spreading the raspberry preserve on one of the delicious, cocoa graham crackers, place a piece of the bittersweet chocolate on it, then roast and squish your marshmallow between the graham crackers.

Flavors we Offer at our Market:

We aren’t just a market, we are Rustic Country Market Living.

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