The Wine, The Coffee, The Chocolate…

Have you noticed that wine, coffee and chocolate all have similar, distinctive, flavor characteristics?

All three are influenced by the age of the crop, the ground they are grown in, elevation, weather, water, insects, etc. All can have a great crop year followed by a bad crop year.

Whether you are coffee, chocolate or wine tasting, you will rely on your eyes, nose, taste buds and hearing the story behind the harvest you are tasting.

Experts pair wine with chocolate, and chocolate with wine. They pair coffee with chocolate, chocolate with cheese, cheese with wine. Food is paired with coffee, chocolate and wine. Why? Because it enhances the taste (which is a selling point).

Below are some flavor wheels I’ve collected over the years that are used to describe coffee, chocolate and wine. See the similarities? (Click on the image to enlarge.)

We aren’t just a market, we are Rustic Country Market Living.

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