Leader, Follower, or Free Spirit?

I’ve lived thru a few home decor trends. Lately I have been noticing (matted) gold and brass fixtures in new and remodeled homes; a color pallet I practically eliminated from my decor years ago. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to revisit that look again. I’ve also noticed a mix of finishes in homes. Now this trend I can live with. I’ve steamed wallpaper off, hung wallpaper up, steamed it off, and now it’s back again. Pass.

I read some decorating articles reporting decor saturation for several of today’s popular decor looks. Who decided this? Marketing and/or sales?

Can I be frank?

In order for retail decor sales to perpetuate, decorators and designers need change to happen to keep revenue flowing. That said, retailers, decorators and designers will (out of necessity) push out the “old” to make way for a “new” look hoping to maintain positive cash flow. This reasoning can apply to any type of new “trend” or “fad” that hits the marketplace. Kind of like sale racks you see in your favorite clothing store.

What about you?

Do you love to be part of leading the latest decor trends? Do you find yourself compelled to follow the latest decor trends spending money to keep up with the latest looks? Or are you committed to your individual creativity? Do you allow new trends to inspire you to refresh your current decor or completely overhaul it?

I believe some decor trends go through cycles, repeating variations of previous trends. A run down area getting revived might bring a fresh look to an old style. From restoring old homes and business store fronts, to renovating industrial areas and reviving communities. There’s always somewhere, someplace getting a new look.

I’ve noticed our economy, times of war, natural disasters, etc. can impact decor. IE: The size of a home or lot size might increase or decrease, materials used may vary due to availability, population growth might influence home size, etc.

Eclectic Free Spirit…

I tend to follow the way of a free spirit when it comes to decorating. I like to observe the latest decor trends; however, I tend to decorate based more on my likes, my values, and my lifestyle. I create theme decorated rooms, and I create interior and exterior living-spaces. I find color inspiration when I’m looking at my coffee, trees, flowers, birds, the sky, water, sand, rocks, wood, brick, rusty metal; the list goes on.

Something to think about:

What about you? What inspires you? Are you a leader, follower, or free spirit?

Until next time…

Inspiring Home Life,


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