Recipe For Life…

I’ve seen several versions of a “Recipe For Life” on the internet. In my opinion, some fell short, while others involved values I don’t rate high; so I decided to write my own Recipe For Life.

Serving size:

Never can have too much.


4 cups of Hope
¼ spoon of Faith (a little goes a long way)
1 cup of Friendship
7 quarts of Love
7 gallons of Forgiveness
1 barrel of Laughter
2 large spoons of Thankfulness


Start with Dreams.
Add Hope.
Add Faith.
Mix in Friendship and Love. 
Blend with Forgiveness.
Shake with Laughter.
Bake in Sunshine.
Sprinkle Thankfulness on top before serving.
Serve frequently with a smile.

Until next time…

Inspiring Home Life,

Inspiring Home Life,


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