Retail Meal Kits…

While waiting for our first Factor 75 order to arrive, we decided to try Home Chef’s retail meal kits sold at Fry’s. After all, we already tried their meal kit service.

Comparing them to their home delivery, there’s definitely less trash buying them this way! (Read my Home Chef home delivery review here: There’s also less meal choices when buying the retail version of Home Chef.

For the most part, we enjoyed the meals. The food is average quality and flavor. Definitely better priced than a restaurant; however, the retail portions don’t leave much left overs.

Did buying the retail version of Home Chef cause us to want to return to using Home Chef’s delivery meal service? To be honest, no. We will occasionally buy the Home Chef retail version in the future if there’s a meal we like available to purchase.

I’ll be sharing our Factor 75 meal experience soon. Until then…

Inspiring Home Life,

Inspiring Home Life,


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