Blend Jet…

When I first saw a Blend Jet ad pop up on my FB feed, I thought, “Now that’s a clever idea – a mobile, mini blender!” I’m interested!

I normally don’t click on pop up ads, but this one stood out. According to the Blend Jet website, the founders created BlendJet One because we wanted a convenient way to make fresh smoothies, shakes, margaritas, & baby food on the go.

My FB post to my friends after I ordered my first Blend Jet?

I have a 2 hr commute from work to home. I have a USB in my car. How many margaritas can I make? 🤣 JK

Of course I was joking, but I have to admit the mobility was really appealing to me. Blend Jet offered free 2 day shipping on all orders. I ordered one and it arrived as promised. I LOVE that it’s portable.

I loved it so much, I ordered another one for our RV and one for a gift. Both arrived on time as promised.

Until next time…

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