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In 2018 we traded our 2014 Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Light 5th wheel for a 2018 Jayco Eagle HT 27.5. It was a big decision; getting a new RV would cost more than keeping our old RV, but there were features we wanted in our RV that we couldn’t get without upgrading our RV.

The floor plan we agreed upon.

Click picture for larger view.

Comparing manufacturer brands can be challenging when you go shopping for an RV. If you’re out looking, one of the first thing you might notice is that most brands seem to use the same floor plans. That’s because after one manufacturer comes up with a layout that sells, most manufacturers follow the lead. The real differences are in the manufacturering process, the features, the packages, the standards, the options, and the factory decor options.

How Did We Decide?

We knew how much we wanted to spend, and that we wanted to keep the cost of towing the RV down. We set our weight and length limit. We knew we wanted an RV with a big back window view, 8 CF refrigerator, 50 AMPs with 2 AC units, all weather insulation package, and the ability to tow behind the RV. Ample storage was important. We were interested in solar (or solar ready), and the potential to add a generator so we could dry camp. Rear camera ready would be a plus.

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Stay Curious, Be Blessed

As we shopped, we would find an RV we liked, but we couldn’t tow anything behind it. We’d find another, but it wasn’t well insulated. One was too heavy. Another would meet my interior expectations, but the exterior storage didn’t meet my husband’s expectations. If we got everything we wanted, the price and weight went up! We finally agreed on a 2018 Jayco Eagle 27.5, after we narrowed down our dream RV list. It is spacious; however, it doesn’t provide maximum interior storage. Fortunately, I can be creative in that area! Just need to think tiny living and be organized. I can use every nook and cranny to make things work for us.

Factory RV Decor…

2018 Jayco Eagle HT 27.5 factory decor:

Click a picture for a carousel view.

RV Decor After (so far)…

I love personalizing the factory decor in our RV. As soon as we moved our stuff in the RV, I started adding my personal touches. It is an ongoing process:

Click a picture for a carousel view.

Additional items I bought to put in our RV:

I’ll post more pictures of this ongoing RV decor process in the future. Until then…

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