Trying another meal service…

Daily Harvest (DH) is totally different from our usual, Sun Basket that we are still enjoying weekly. DH offers smoothies, soups and various types of bowls. They specialize in healthy, organic superfoods. I’m planning to use them to supplement Sun Basket for lunches, breakfast and snacks. After placing my initial order, I realized they also offer cookies. Maybe I’ll order them next time!

Discount code…

If you’d like to try Daily Harvest, here’s a link for 3 free Daily Harvest cups when you sign up:

NOTE: I found several coupon offers on the internet saying they offer bigger discounts, but the reality is, Daily Harvest offers 3 free cups!

Beware of false offers.

Daily Harvest’s shipping is free. The products are shipped frozen using dry ice, and they offer weekly or monthly plans. I signed up for the monthly plan.

Dry Ice???

Isn’t that dangerous? I’ve never used or worked with dry ice. I know it’s used during concerts and theater to create fog. I wondered what I would do with it after I receive my shipment? Click here for Daily Harvest’s Answer.

Biodegradable Packaging?

I prefer to recycle as much as possible, so I researched to find out if Daily Harvest’s packaging is biodegradable. Click here for Daily Harvest’s Answer.

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